Anyone done anything as stupid as this?

Are we thinking about the same person? I found out about him via this thread, main thread here.

It’s very funny :hehe:He even has an MCN article.

Or the guy who drilled through the ECU on the ZX6R. :slight_smile:

:w00t: holy ****! i kid you not my mouth dropped when i read what it was! hope your bike is going to be ok

Yeah cheers hopefully none went down past the seals so I’m not too buggered

Forgot to mention I also loosened the caliper banjo bolt instead of the caliper bracket bolt, again not really looking properly. Think managed to close it up again in time before all the brake fluid came pissing out.

So… Anyone need me to do some work on their bike?? :smiley:

Know of someone who rode off without taking his u-lock off the front wheel and took out both front brakes. :w00t: