Anyone done anything as stupid as this?

Took the forks off the fazer the other day as a paint job on them was long overdue

As I was putting them together I thought I’d better pop some grease around the fork stanchions, between the seal and dust cap. So I did that and gave em a pump to get the grease moving and slid the forks back up into the yokes. Noticed that the grease had started to harden with a bit of a crust and couldn’t quite figure out why. Put it down to cheap grease on cold metal and carried on putting the front end back together.

As I was tidying up I realised that I’d confused my tube of grease with a tube of Gum Gum - an exhaust sealant that dries ROCK HARD.


Not yet:)



could of been worse you could of had a sore bumhole and picked up the gum gum instead of vaseline… :unsure:

or rode a yellow R1…:Dsmiled.

Like Smiled.:smiley:

I tried Germaloids on me chain and it shrank.:smiley:

did i ever tell you that ive always wanted to dry hump mrs Jetstreams leg;).


Plugging up my arse hole with gum gum would have been considerably worse…

But yes at least I don’t have to be seen straddling a yellow R1!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Back top original question: Yes.

You stupid boy pike.:smiley:

I recently read somewhere about a guy who thought he was covering his bike with (I believe) ACF50, but got the cans muddled up and instead covered the entire bike with chain lube, tank and seat included :hehe:

Must have been fun trying to get all that off… not…

…then there was the Ninja rider who decided to improve the air induction on his bike by cutting two massive rectangular holes in the frame :w00t: you’ve got a long way to go before you start to rival that level of stupidness…

Nope, not done anything as stupid as that, it is funny to read though, hope it comes off ok :smiley:

Shoud’a gone to specsavers!

Can’t say I have, thanks for sharing though :w00t:

Put salt on my cornflakes one crimbo…threw out the milk (thinking it was off) - repeated three times before realising and then directed my energies to explaining to my mum how come I’d just thrown out most of her milk (on xmas morning)

hahahha OMG thats gonna be a B!tch to get off:w00t:

iirc, the ram air scoops he welded onto the holes made the frame stronger than it was before

hahaha thats well bad! :laugh: