Anyone coming out to play tomorrow?

I could’nt play tonight but fancie going up ace tomorrow morning if not too bad, anyone else fancie it?

Yep…Normally do but always good to meet a Newbie…

cool,I heard its busy on saturdays

Sorry for the delay…CJD…yeah theres always something to do see or talk about, Black R6 here and will have londonbiker logo on T-Shirt…come say hello !!

hi babe.what time you planning on going up the ace?

Hi Joe babe, I be there about 10-10.30, coming out then?


I’m gonna be coaxing my tired bike and skinny legs up some of Amersham’s roads to try and get fit again for the summer.

Playing on the 'ped is soooooo tempting. Hopefully playing out, if I can still walk, this afternoon.

Ace cafe, i take it your not from round these here parts get yourself down there???

If I’d seen this post yesterday I would have come. Was out sorting the last re-call on my bike, then out playing “hooligan” all day on it.

Daytona did a nice job!

Shame I did’nt meet you SP Joe said your a nice guy and Barro I did try and look for you but left at 1.30 had to watch my sisters play

Awwwww…never mind, just missed you…always another time…x