Anyone at the ace tonight? 27/10

Got some free time tonight so likely to visit the ace. However whenever i go im a bit of a loner Will anyone form he site be there tonight that i can say hi too?

me too cos only know a few of ya by face/bike and yep maybe cos its fecking boooootiful out there today. wat time u thinking?

bout 8ish? You cant miss me as im 6 foot 7! Will be riding the attached bike. Please come and say hi!!


_front end.jpg

ha ha you wont miss me either cos i’m 4ft 10!!! the odd couple or wat

oh and i’l b on this lil baby



Cool. i’ll see ya there. And maybe a few others?!

well, there’ll b me and my 7 other personalities, dunno bout anyone else tho

this is even sadder, when the f~*k is the ace cafe.

the ace is on the north circular a406 by park royal.

Im gonna be out to play tonight too. Dont know what time i’ll be there though.

Yeah, I’ll be out to play tonight too - see you at 8 fella

<-- keep a lookout for

I will be there…

one one of these…

Got a Black Roof Helmet…

And a cup of tea in hand… If however you find a big bloke with this description but without the tea, please buy him one directly…

Thank you



I think it’s your round though isn’t it Steve?

Yea I suppose I’ll be there tonight too! I’ll have to get the bucket and suds out now though, because shes a bit dirty these days and I cant have ppl looking at her when shes dirty

Be there around 7:30-8pm! Look for the best looking R6 there with a Yoshi can! (each to their own, no abuse please)



have you ever bought a round… hhehe…

cool, I will get it in tonight, and you can get them in at the NEC, where I am sure is will be at least £5 for a sip of tea. HAHAH

In actual fact Kevin got the last round whilst you were there, I got the round before that when you were there. TBH I think it’s Adam’s turn to buy!!! So it’s his round at the NEC Agreed?


I vote that is is always Adams’s round…

tis a shame as Adam is coming, typical just when its his round he ducks out >

See you lot up there.

Tonight, I’ll mainly be in Battersea Park where I’ll be doing push-ups etc infront a guy in army fatigues shouting at me “come on, stop being so bloody useless, put some effort into it, jeez, you’re like a bunch of girls…!”

Great fun!

Hope you’ll have fun at the Ace, too!

Oh, Kiwibloke, if you know where Ikea is (the Brent Cross one), Ace Cafe is just five minutes earlier.


Eastenders mate, what the hell Dont start tellin us about what happened though