Anyone around tomorrow (sat 11/01) for a cuppa at the Ace

At a loose end tomorrow as Tiggi is off to a wedding show and taking my car… Coz it can take more then 1 passenger!!
It looks like it may be ok weather tomorrow so if anyone fancies meeting up around lunch time let me know!

may be, feel the need to get out, was thinking south coast, or wales even :w00t:

Keep thinking about putting some tax on the rattler, i do need to get out more this year, may as well start somewhere. I may come along. Blond bird black 999 please say hello. Ta

Maybe, what time ?

Rusty did you just see that a blond chick riding a Ducati might be coming… Or was it blond chick & 999 that done it? Lol not fussed on time, 12-1ish?

Did not miss that trick…and her next bike to own a S1000RR :w00t:
Ok should be there around 12:30-13:00

Cool, see you there.

I too ride a Duc but I ain’t a blond and, even worse, I ain’t a girl… shall I poop in anyway? :ermm:

Edit: I meant “pop in” :smiley:

How do I recognise you gents?
Please rate yourself from 0-10 on ugliness :hehe:

Ill be on a black r1 and rusty will be on a black s1000rr, if its dry ill be wearing black LB hoodie over my leathers.

I can describe them for you - as I have met them all

  1. Sean is tallish, slim and I would guess in his thirties
  2. Rusty is also thin with a penchant for nurses outfits - I am not going to put an age in case he gets offended
  3. Dee is an attractive, friendly, tall blonde lady

Failing that you could make a placard, or pin a rose to your jacket

I am out on the bike soon as I have to get some mechanics done over west, may poss drop by - but if not have a lovely time :slight_smile:

may pop in for a second breakfast

Sean , fancy a ride up to on yer bike before the ace

What time you want to meet there?

Jamie I guess you’re coming from the Cotswolds, aren’t you?
I’d have joined you otherwise…

I’ve been out yesterday, roads are not too bad :Wow:
Have fun and see you at the Ace

I got nothing on, 1030ish

I’ll meet you there about 11.


Thin, well ok maybe I need a few more fry ups then :smiley:
You’ve got me wrong…it’s normally what’s IN the nurses outfit that I have a penchant for :wink:

maybe i’ll poop in too to say hello, but i need to shoot to croydon to see my friend so its going to be quick :smiley:

Thanks Hells, im thinking that Ace could end up like LHR arrivals terminal. I will be there 12.30ish.