Anybody own an Audi TT?

I’m looking a getting a car for when I don’t want to use the bike, which granted isn’t often. Are they good, reliable etc?

They’re very popular with South London gangstas for some reason…

Plenty of room for your hairdryer but you’ll struggle to get your " Beauty " couch in the boot :Whistling:

I don’t plan on shagging in it, but when needs must and all. Your right about the South London ganster thing, although as I don’t live there anymore it shouldn’t really be problematic.

bit “hairdresser” aint they ? :smiley:

I have driven one once, I wasn’t overly impressed - I think I would rather have an S3 or something… I drove one of the first Skoda Octavia VRs in the country, which had the same engine as the TT, and I thought it was a far better car.

they are slow though go for a saab 9-3 aero faster than the TT and more storage room. very very cool car i had one for a year and racked up 25,000 miles:D

Selling mine!! - see anything else section

I thought about buying a car last winter when I was doing 80 miles to and from work every day. Then I chatted with a guy who had never owned a car but claimed to have owned 60 bikes!!! :smiley: I felt really competitive after that and bought another bike, definitely the right choice.

There are lots of deals out there now, if I just had more room I’d get another bike for sure :wink:

They are OK, had one in 2000-2002, bit slow for what they are and heavy too. Quite cheap now and well built. Look for dashboard faults, the dash pods used to go wrong and cost £700 each back then. The 4x4 system is OK unless you push on hard then the haldex keeps rocking the torque front to back and you feel like you’re in a boat ! :smiley: Only does this on wet bends when you’re on the gas.

The headlights are expensive to replace too, £500 each. Engines are bullet proof, mine was making 260bhp and 320 lb ft torque with a chip and exhaust. The rear seats are useless but the front are very comfortable.

I’d prefer an M3, if you can get one for similar price.

And hairdressers


I’m with Johnsi1, go for an S3 if anything. Very reliable, and much more room in the back etc… :wink:

if you have money go for this one RS4:

i’m actually considering buying a4 3.2 fsi avant next year :stuck_out_tongue: they look nice and still resonable fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Vegas if you are serious about getting a car then PM me and let me know what budget and criteria you are after and i will see what i can do for you.

Viggen - i actually owned a Saab Viggen which was an awesome car and much more powerful than the Aero.

Arnie - the RS4 is bonkers, i have a mate that has an X reg that pumps out 475bhp, utterly mental and handles as well.

had the viggen also it was my first car cosmic blue convertible looovely!

I had a 225 bhp model in 99.I liked it,but as Steve mentioned dash problems can be expensive.I had an insert on the temp guage and it cost me £600 to fix .The dash has to come out to be worked on and it is a long job .When the back seats are down it was quite roomy,but with the seats up it is only for small children.I replaced mine with a 3litre z4 , but I prefered the TT.

I had one when they first came out. Modded to 265/270bhp and it made pretty good progress. Those that say “hairdressers” car are normally just sheep following the crowd without any experience of them. I liked it and one reason I bought it was coz if was different. How things change!! Now they’re everywhere!

I did loads of trackdays in mine and about 6 trips to the 'ring. I nearly completed every lap! :Whistling: The one I didn’t complete showed how strong the car was. It eventually got rebuilt and was as good as new. I had a great time in it although as standard they can be understeery.

I got rid of it when we were planning a family so had to buy a sensible family car. I got a 395bhp S4 instead :smiley:

Are you the chap who organised the TT watches with the owners club ? I’ve still got a couple I think somewhere :slight_smile:

The TT, S3 & Octavia VRS all share the same 1.8T VW engine as found in the Golf GTI - The Octavia & higher spec Golfs have 180 bhp as standard, the higher spec TT (ones with twin exhausts) & the S3 have 225bhp as standard & all cars bar the Octavia share the same chassis :slight_smile:

I’ve driven the 225 TT, S3 & a standard Octavia, all nice cars to drive but the S3 was the best for me with its 4WD - this one had been chipped to 280bhp aswell.

They need more than chipping to get a real 280bhp and even then getting a map that gives a peak like that is normally very surgy and most people prefer a map with a higher peak but a more useable power delivery. With the turbo it’s simple to get great boasting numbers (and silly boost pressures) but they either cause issues or aren’t that drivable.

That was a long time ago! :cool::wink: