Anybody got a spare £65,000...

If only I had the money! Seriously bling! :cool:

Roadrunner (22/02/2010)

If only I had the money! Seriously bling! :cool:[/quote] no spare change, sorry…:slight_smile:

Never really been that keen on chromed cars like this but if someone wanted to buy this for me I could always get is sprayed :smiley:

classics are better…

How to ruin a perfectly good car…


must need alot of polishing once wet


They won’t make cars like that any more with the way the govement is driving the requirments for cars these days :crying:

Personally, i would set my dreams a little higher with the bugatti vanron :w00t::smiley:

its not actuallt paint, it’s a wrapped skin over the original paintwork so no need to polish to much and if you dont like it you can peel it off and with a good wash paint will be back to new…personally i like it :cool: dont think the bank manager would say yes though lol

chrome car think it would be illegal as it would blind everybody

too blingy much prefer an ariel atom for half the price or new skyline for that money :smiley:

nice…my cousin had a vantage…seriously fast motor!!

seen a chrome ferrari whiel couriering and a partly chromed Veryon…

No thanks. It might be shiny, but it’s still a cage.

If I could afford that, I’d have me one of these.


Chrome R1 perhaps?

With ya on the chrome bike! :wink:



if it’s an AM, I want this one

If i did have a spare £65k then i would be able to pay off my mortgage:P

Just for Jai

Nothing against the law about it at all! :wink:

Saw a few chrome cars a couple of years ago when all the arabs were here for the summer… :slight_smile:

I like the bike, especially the exhausts.

I saw a S8 in the middle east in aluminium finish and it looked good until it was washed and then you could see all the marks left by the sponge or whatever they used to wash it.