anybody got a map of france!!!

help please!! has anyone got one i could borrow to plan a little route!!!XXXX

ooo where are we going

Here you go Gina.

thanks hun i need road numbers ect!!!

hiya try this;,3.46839|6|4&loc=FR:48.8528:2.3499:8||France



i will have a look thanks!!!

You never said anything about roads, you said map of frogland and froglan i gave you.

got a atlas of europe…bring it over sat… if i can find it…


Hi Gina - I’ve got a couple… you are welcome to borrow one… Q

that would be great hun!! pm sent!!!

Google maps is all you need luv

Easy itinerary planning too…If you need help with it…Ask.

All the info you need hun



Some useful facts about the French for you . . .

A Frenchman will fight viciously and without regard for his own life if you stand between him and a white flag.

Rumor has it that the French don’t like bathing. This rumor comes from them smelling.

To get with modern times they have adopted a stance of pre-emptive surrender.

During the cola wars, France was occupied by Pepsi for six months.

They like to sell weapons to enemies of America. But come on – what kinds of pansies use French weapons?

Their language not being quite as effeminate as they would like, they also wear berets.

The Eiffel tower was constructed so that they would have something very tall to wave a white flag from in case of attack.

In ancient times, primitive Frenchmen surrendered to thunderstorms.

They actually have a military, though what purpose it serves is unknown.

PS . . . I’m just messin, I know we have sum French members

PS . . . I’m just messin, I know we have sum French members

Yup… and half French too