Anybody do consignment?


Unfortunately it’s time for the wife and I to head back to the us for a few years. As much as it pains me I’m going to have to sell the Suzuki 650, but I really want to ride it right up until I leave. Does anybody know of a shop or dealer that does consignment bike sales? It isn’t worth much, but I thought I’d explore this route!


Never heard of that term.

Does it mean holding bike and selling on your behalf…or something to do with bike shipping???



Yea, that means that they sell it on my behalf and take a percentage. Rather than having someone buy it outright from me


Your problem might like in it not selling so they have to keep dropping the price. Especially with winter around the corner and demand going down, they may not want the hassle.

I’d suggest selling it yourself but making it a condition of sale that they can’t take it away until the day you say so.


Some shops do a sale or return thing, where they sell your bike for you, not sure if it works when your not in the country.
Chase motorcycles in cannon park do this, give them a call to check


Might be a good idea if you want to keep the bike right to the end of your stay and you’re willing to take a hit for that.

Agree with me-groovy that you’re completely in their hands as a seller when it comes to the final price especially since winter is coming…but could be worth it if it’s important to you.

Why not put a classifeied ad on this site with pictures - there might be someone out there willing to do a deal at the time you want it…especially if they know they will get a good percentage off GR because of the circumstances…


A few people done that in the past, usually with more expensive bikes and friends within the motorcycle sale industry. Usually the fee is not worth otherwise.
You better off giving it to a friend to store in their garage and sell as private.
I would offer my garage to store it if you want to.


Thanks for the advice guys! I’ve contacted Chase motorcycles, so I’m hoping that turns into something!


you could try this company or one similar, probably not give you much but worth a try and worth shopping
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