Any tools / devices that can check tyre temperature

Been thinking about how you can get a reasonable estimate to the temperature of a tyre.

Is anything out there?


google is your friend :smiley:

Tyre temperature pyrometer for motorbikes, karts and cars

Allows you to know the tyre temperature over different areas, to better understand how the tyre is working

  • Digital instrument with LCD display
  • For exact tyre temperature measurement
  • Stainless Steel Probe
  • Used by many world championship car, motorbike and kart teams, measurement system is precise and reliable.

Also this instrument is very useful to let you know the asphalt temperature.

Infrared thermometer?

Or the more conventional gun :smiley:

Thanks Pan :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking about using those devices that are used to test the temperature of food (where you stick a needle thermometer) in the centre :smiley:

Curious :slight_smile:

Your hand ?

These guys had a great system that I looked into last year…looks like they have
stopped making the motorcycle version for some reason…:ermm:

SmartTire monitoring


my answer too - yes you can be really accurate if you like, but I wouldnt bother buying anything unless I was running at BSB level or higher…

and in my opinion, its not the tyre that you need to worry about measuring - it’s the rims - when the tyre warmers are on, if the rim is warm to the touch, then the tyres are warm enough :slight_smile:

Unless you have Carbon rims. :slight_smile:

Or the tyre warmers are working…:Whistling:

Maplin sell an infra-red device which works OK, it’s calibrated for black surfaces. Seems to give a temp reading which is within a few degrees of a thermometer. Also has a laser pointer built into it . . . which to be honest is more fun than the gauge . . . :smiley:

So you could also use it to check front and rear wheel alignment?

Bonanza :smiley:

i have an infrared lazer thingy but find a much better use for it is checking exhaust temperatures when rejetting carbs …or pointing it at girls breasts, you may be surprised how hot they can get ;):smiley: