any tips what to look at when buying second hand R1?

as the title says… many thanks

what year R1 matey?

Yep… check it’s not my trackbike 98 R1 stolen last year.

2005…where can I find any info about yamaha recalls?

found only this:

old 2004 issue with TPS(throttle position sensor)

Check the usual…

Frame number matches V5 and doesn’t look funny on the frame.

Start the bike from cold and check for any strange noises. Feel the crank cases before starting and if they are warm ask why the engine has been run. Starting the engine before you turned up, can mean the owner is trying to hide a cold starting problem. They could have just gone down the shops though.

There is a way to check whether the bikes ECU has logged any errors, but I can’t remember how…Go to and ask there.

Ask if the TPS recall has been done…If you get a blank look, haggle the price down as it means you’ll have to take the bike in to an authorised service centre and be without your bike for a an hour or possibly a few days if the replacement part is out of stock. Don’t mention that the recall work is done FREE of charge

Check the Exup valve is not sticking…Unlikely on a 2 year old bike, but kneel down and look at the bottom of the bike where the bottom of the engine comes through the lower fairing.

You’ll see a cable on a pulley…Check to make sure it is properly adjusted…it shouldn’t be slack. Look at your fingers and see if there is some grease on them from the cables as these need to be kept greased otherwise the the servo can seize and you’ll have no power above 8000 revs.

Next, turn the ignition on (whilst still looking at the pulley)…You should see the cable move forward and backwards as part of the initial system test of the EXUP system and you should hear a noise like Robocop

Check for loose bodywork…Check for wire locked bolts expecially the oil drain bolt at the bottom of the engine as this indicates a bike that has been raced.

If you can take an R1 owner with you to look over the bike, the better.

AfroR1 : many thanks for valuable tips…I got a blank look when I asked the guy about TPS but unfortunatelly did not manage to haggle the price down…yes…I am a happy R1 owner now)

1 more tip.

Invest in an Almax chain and some sort of Tracking device…Speak to CharlyBR600RR off here.

R1 is the most stolen litre sports bike in the UK.

Aint the gearboxes spose to be made of chocolate? or is that the earlier 1s?

Not since the 98 original.

a Gixer

There’s me thinking you had style mate…

I do bud, thats why I have a ducati (and patience)

thought your patience was running out and you were thinking of going jap mate?

kris - wouldnt’ worry too much about the TPS issue. if the bike is running fine, just get them to run the number when its at its next service. only affected a batch of the bikes. if it aint broke…

yeahh, it’s running absolutely fine…it’s so good that I am scared…was coming back A232, A237 from my mate yesterday (11:30pm - empty roads) and noticed 100mph on the clock mid corner…though…f…hell…I am carrying a pillion in a back, there is not much thread on a rear tire and it was raining…asked my girlfriend how was it, if she was scared…she went…nooo…it was smoother than usual and why did you go so slow…

They are absolutely awsome bikes. Today 1st gear 50mph knee planted on the deck. Then you crank that throttle open click 2nd and 3rd in the space of a couple of seconds you are doing a ton thirty. I am so glad I got one. My last bike, Gixxer 750, everyone raves about sharp handling and more power then a 600. I found you had to scream the nuts off it to go fast. These are naughty fast even when you aren’t trying that hard. Too naughty for the road really. Love it to bits but constantly in fear of my licence now

Couldn’t have put it any better and is exactly the way I think about mine.

Like I say…

R1 - Beauty and performance

It’s possible to have both on a sports bike.

agree, R1 magnificent bike, and slowly I am improving my skills to match the thing, the scariest moment was wheelie at 116 mph unannounced…mind you i didnt back off was having too much fun…also kept popping mini wheelies at brandhatch indy course on my first track day, again not intentional but you know when you crack her open in 3rd or 4th she will fly…

At 6000 miles i bent all the valves in mine, had an engine rebuild under warranty, the first thing they asked me was how many track days had I done. At that time non…and now I have done my first…

Was not at all happy with infinity as they were clearly looking to blame me, it has a rev limiter it should not be over revving but i am not convinced the rev limiter works properly…they said the big ends and main bearings were looking worn for a 6000 mile bike…hmm? will it go again i wonder, well i have done another 3000 miles and one track day and all seems fine…we will see. just another 9 months of warranty left…

Yep yammys are good bikes but the gixer is the one for me

Besides TPS and exups there are some other bits n’ pieces one should know about…

Check for rumbling clutches, the basket can crack, you can see any cracks in the basket through the oil filler opening buy rotating the motor.
The clutch is pretty noisy as it is, just idle any r1 (04-06) in neutral, pull the clutch in and its all quiet again…
cept for other noises, but the rumbling goes away.

There is also a camchain adjuster issue which Yamaha do not acknowledge, but you can pick it up at just after 3000rpm, comes on as a tinkling, then goes away as the revs rise, can be fixed with a manual adjuster, or just ry setting the automatic one again…but properly this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditch the cat and fit a ‘y’ pipe, or even just gouge it out if you’re cheapo…fit velocity stacks (graves), a smaller front sprocket, by one tooth, a power commander and pipes or full system…dyno tune it…then you might be where the K6 is at out of the box…
I just sold the R1…the RVF is my girlfriends…and so is the bongo drum :slight_smile: