Any state sanctioned exercise photos this weekend?

By exercise I mean rideout :grin:


Ah man! You could have invited me…

Nice! Club Triumph! I bet that sounded good :slight_smile:

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@B and I went green-laning today around Boxhill. It had rained in the morning so parts of the trails were a bit damp. No problem for the DRZ, but it did pose a few issues for B on this Grom now and then. Might have some video to come soon :slight_smile:

I can’t laugh too much though, I did fall off going up a bloody hill. Got stuck in a rut.

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Yup, I’m completely distracted by the redhead. Daaaaaamn!

Oh and also saw some other nice or curious rides at Boxhill:

I think I need to buy some tarpaulin to wash the bike on. There wasn’t even much dirt on the bike today but it still took a while to clean up after it :slight_smile:

You’re not on brand I’m afraid… :joy:
Also wasn’t my rideout to invite, but I’ll let you know next time, now I know how they all ride.

It did sound great!

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Did a very early ride out to Friday street on Saturday!


That is seriously tempting me back to SM land… Used to love heading there… Sigh, one day again