Any recommendations?

Ahh well, it’s about that time of year again, MOT coming up, servicing time for both mine and Hers, my cam chain tensioner needs replacing, etc, etc, etc. So we’re looking for somewhere not too far from Harrow, capable of sorting both the Blackbird and the GSX, not run by ham-fisted neanderthals, rip-off merchants or dickheads. Any Ideas anyone?

I can give u the number of the guy I use, I’ve used him for a few years with no probs. He runs from home, which is Harrow side of Watford. He use to be the top mechanic & a dealers not far from u

There is a place in Borehamwood, Can remember their name (yet) but they open at 06:30 Mon - Fri so you can get one done before work!!!

Can you post numbers if you have them for the both of the abovre recomended mechanics please.

The place is called Goodman Auto’s, the number is 0208 953 3005. Tell them the recomendation came from Tekmotive (this is a bike shop I use, and they send all their MOTs to goodmans…

Nick - not sure what bike you have but Honda in Luton are gods amongst men - reasonable rates and the mechanic is the best I’ve ever met.


Cheers guys, I’ll make some calls. Would appreciate that number too Terry. My wallet’s aching already.

PM sent Nick