any one in or around Tottenham

just had a call from Steve Wright who is desperately trying to find somewhere to park his bike in the Tottenham area. anyone else live in the area that he could share their parking space?..:slight_smile:

Today? Tomorrow? Forever? Am not in Tottenham, but not far. Can share my ground anchor :slight_smile: Q

im in edmonton if thats any help

i will let him know, hes petrified about his bike. I will let him know, ta guys.:slight_smile:

hey guys, basically i thought i could get the bike up the front step and into front garden, but step is to high, and theres a flipin van parked outside so i cant get a good run at it. cant park it on road, as theres nothing to chain it too, at mo its chained to lampost, but apparently this is a dodgy area (i wish id known that before i moved in!!) and basically i was told by a neighbour, if the crooks dont take it, council will for it being on footpath!!:frowning:

so after such a mission to get it back, im quite upset that it might get nicked! :frowning:

ps, if anyone has any suggestions, please pm me, as this is an open forum and we dont really want people honing in on where we live…

You never knew Tottenham was dodgy? :blink: Before you all shout I’m from there and me ma is still there :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hopefully someone local will give you a shout, there’s a few members round that way :slight_smile:

i would pm either quiller or curtis for details, and remember dont mention ya bike openly.:smiley:

Just what I was thinking.

well how would i know?

I aint from here remember…

I used to live in Walthamstow, which everyone also told me was a bad area…

Its like most places in London

so did you get sorted out then ? :slight_smile:

not exactly, chained it to lamp post, and havent had any sleep…

you have a PM…

it sure is like most…apart from the gunshots:w00t:

Thought over the years you might have seen the news or read the papers, sorry no offence intended.

Shewoolf has heard about it & she is from Wales :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, only news we ever got was something happened in london… nothing specific.

Everyday my mum tells me she heard on news someone was killed in london, but no specifics!

This was 2 roads from my house & is still talked about today.:frowning:

Yeah, and we don’t even have electricity yet :laugh:Seriously though Steve, I thought as you’d lived in London before you would have heard about it. Hope you manage to find some parking for your bike soon :slight_smile:

the step is too big but you could do it with a run up?

what, with a ‘sweet jump’? :smiley: do you have video on your phone? :stuck_out_tongue:

surely if its that big, hitting it at speed wont do you any more favours than slowing powering it up?

make/buy a small ramp?

just curious, is it impractical to fashion or buy a ramp of some sort?