any KTM experts?

looking at maybe a KTM690 SMC - comments please!

Does the 2009 model come in orange and the 2010 in white?

Lots of experts there;

Yes, all 2009 smc are orange and 2010 white.
Few changes in 2010 model;
New speedometer, tubeless wheels, paintwork
Reduce the weight by half a kilo.
Service schedule in 2010 models has been increased from 3k to 4.5k miles.

There is special offer now, with huge discount.

I just bought one and really like it :smiley:

cheers the nearest KTM dealer has an orange one for £6195 but I can find a 2010 for £6195 - so I guess i’ll be going for a white one.

Go to KTM Centre in Hemel and you will get even cheaper than that :wink:

2010 model is the one to buy, if you don’t like white plastics you can get brand new set of orange ones for £50-70.

You’ve got yet another tard… Take it you got rid of the 530 or you still got that to?

PX :slight_smile: 530 was great bike but I always wanted 690 and got good deal. Now I have new bike with 2 years warranty and less servicing which will do all 530 did and more :wink:

Just so happens I’m looking at these as well, but was swinging towards a later 950 SM. Has anybody got experience of those, and how they compare to the 690 SMC?

Sorry, earlier 950, 2005 / 2006…

depends what you want it for really. The 950sm is a great hooligan urban assault vehicle, that will do long distances if required. The 690smc is more of a true motard - you could feasibly take it for a spanking off road or go green laneing with the right tyres.

Hmm I htink the former is what I’m after, I’ll prob get an old sh*tbox for the latter this winter…