Any ideas....

I am now 4 hours into a 12 hour night shift at the hospital. I am so bored - may have to resort to cleaning stuff soon! Any ideas how I can make the time go quick and amuse myself? :hehe::D:hehe:

Yeah - you could always fl…

Oh - I mean no - sorry :smiley:


Any sensible answers?:hehe:

Internet! ridiculously addictive … bash cricket balls to knock zombie heads off

p.s. - I’ve set my alarm for 6:20 - gizza ring at 6:25’ish - I’ll see you at 7 :cool:

it blocked :crying:ok, should be back from my break by then, anyway you should be trying to sleep :stuck_out_tongue: (it’s old, but funny)


wee :smiley: some of them aren’t blocked! Thankies :smiley:

Working in a hospital and “cleaning things”? What are you, a freak?

Seriously a good clean and tidy is a great (but not too often) moral booster.

Go for it. You can let your mind wander a bit and you’ll feel like the canines tackle when you’ve done.

:hehe: unfortunately most of the cleaning was done during the day but I shall still have a good scrub at stuff. It’ll keep me awake atleast!