Any idea what this is from

You are normally a knowledgeable bunch so

Washing machine was making knocking noise. Took off sump hose and along with wire from wife’s bra found this clip. I have no idea where it came from or how it got into the internal drum part of the machine.

As per the title any ideas what it is?

Looks like a headlamp bulb retaining clip but far too thick for it?

Most large items find their way through the soap drawer … especially with little hands placing things in there …

Is it part of the washing machine? It may hold the large gasket around the door in place.

Its a hoojamaclip that has become detached from the whadjacallit.

Don’t know where it came from but machine now moves more than it did and makes banging noise on fast spin

Inside the machine there are springs and rubber supports that dampen the drum against uneven loads stopping it from clanging, banging and jumping around. That clip might have tethered one of the rubber dampers. How it would find its way inside the drum who knows.

Time to take the back off and a look see, unplug it first mind!

Had the back off, heating element out, sump hose off, lid off. Can’t see anything obviously out of place.
Was only couple of hundred quid when new 3 - 4 years ago so may just replace machine.
Thanks for the suggestions

What washine machine is it ? Ie make and potential model

It is a Beko machine. Have now worked out it is a heater element clip. Will take the back off again later to see if I can refit it or if the fixing points are broken.

…but that’s enough about my wife

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