Any idea how to clean this off concrete tiles?

It was some sort of plant food that leaked all over the tiles. Pressure washing made almost no difference.

paint them?

I think thats the best option.

concrete cleaner?

In conjuction with your jet wash, use some undiluted bleach.

Use a hard scrubbing type brush to work the bleach into the concrete agitate it and then jet wash it.

I had the same on my patio a few months ago and it came out spotless…

I’d def try concrete cleaner first, wait until it cools down though and pour a decent amount. Likely you’ll need to scrub it so be careful of contact/getting in your eyes. If you’re bothered then get some paving seal afterwards and roll on to prevent further staining.

I used Comma Hyperclean in the past to remove oil stains from some paving and it made the patch I cleaned look like new. Problem was that area was cleaner than everything else.

Stain it with something else

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Coke or Pepsi.

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brick acid

Use a nuke, it never fails

^ May have unintended second-order consequences

Brick acid is probably your best bet unless you can just flip them

They aren’t actually tiles. It is a concrete floor with lines drawn onto it.


Sorry thought we were naming favourite drinks

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I’ve used this and it got rid of BBQ fat Azpects Easy Grease & Oil Away 500ml | eBay