Any good rides between here and Amsterdam...?

I’m heading to Amsterdam in the first week of September…

Will ride out there if the journey is good, will fly if not.

Surely someone has gone up that way and can tell me what the roads are like?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Often asked myself the same question…

…you’ll probably be able to get a decent ride in Amsterdam

Don’t think anyone posted any great routes but I asked the same question myself

Having been in Amsterdam today and witnessed the chaos with cyclists, I feel the plane might be calling me! :smiley:

Agree with taht, I don’t know what the riding is like on the approach but it always looks a bit hectic for my tastes in town.

Cheers Serrisan, good topic.

Looks like I’ll be flying out as it’s cheaper and quicker, I’m going there for work so won’t really have enough time to play on the bike…

I rode out there last year stopping in Brugge for lunch and taking the shortest way there via TomTom which meant meandering through he countryside past all the small villages flanked by canals. Loads of lovely tree lined roads etc but most of it was fairly slow and scenic not fast and furious. Went over a couple of big djkes (fnarf fnarf) which you dont get to see anywhere else.

Although there were a lot of road changes and twists and turns, I thoroughly enjoyed it.