Any friendly bands in SE London

Something a bit different, my 6 year old boy has recently been really getting into music, live and studio albums, mostly rock orientated, would really love to take him to see a band play but nothing big. Ideal situated would be a band who wouldn’t mind a couple of spectators at a practice session. We live in SE London/Dartford area. Any ideas? Thanks.

A couple of my mates play in a band called Los Conos - they do anything you know in a rocked up style - like:

Mama Mia (ABBA)River Deep Mountain HighTainted LoveHold Me Close (David Essex)When Will I See You AgainHave You Ever Seen The RainAnd loads more. If you know the band ‘Me First & The Gimme Gimmes’ you’re on the right track.

They are next playing on 14th Feb 09 at The Cherry Tree which is right in front of Norwood Junction Station.

Happy to meet you there and introduce you and your lad to the band before they kick off :slight_smile:

All the best,


Wow, thanks for that, unfortunately its his 7th birthday on that day and we will be over at Bluewater for his rock climbing party! Really appreciated the offer, maybe some other time. Thanks again - much appreciated

You wouldn’t let Barney loose on that poor child, would you?

Teflon - they are also playing in Caterham on 28th of Feb - might go along so let me know if you fancy it.

Chopper - hehe… Barney loves kids - he just can’t eat a whole one :smiley: