Any Czech translators ?

We need a very discreet person who can read and translate something written in the Czech language which we saw on holiday and do not understand. We were very intrigued by something we saw and took a photo of it but can not really post it on here. We would very much like to know what it was advertising and need a Czech translator, preferably a woman, maybe with some medical knowledge.
Can anyone help?

I’m sure if you pm’d stevie she could help you.

Intrigued too, more detail required although I doubt any such photo exists so invoke forum rule #1 CUSTARD.

ps I was thinking Stevie too


That’s the stuff Jay. It needs to be posted in accompaniment with the intriguing holiday snap or else it (the dubious holiday snap) doesn’t exist.

Isn’t CheekyChick Czech?

You may regret your custard-calling. The photo is not suitable for breakfast time so you’ll have to wait - we’re printing it off for you to look at over yer lunch.

Ah, the old pictures or it didn’t happen.

Jets, I work with a Czech girl so I can get it translated if you want. (as long as it is not going to get me in trouble)!!!

Happy to help - sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

Google translate?

After seeing said picture … the thought of custard being produced makes me wonder about the state of mind of some people

Well don’t be deep in 'dis pear that you haven’t seen the photo

Custard retracted, an intriguing photo it was too. I managed to translate ‘patent pending’

Stevie has very kindly sent us a PM and will shortly be receiving a photo of an advertisement with a diagram (which is a bit odd) and some text which we may or may not divulge the meaning of, depending on what it says. It’s either an advert for a ladies’ sex aid or a funny type of therapeutic device is all we can say for now.
Sleeper - thanks for the offer but we suspect it would get you in deeeeep trouble :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued now I assume once all is translated you will be sharing?

The illustrations were clear however the Jets need clarication before purchase ]:slight_smile:

Ooh can we Weight that long …i think the Suspension may be to much …we shall all have to just bide our time … watching as the pendulum swings back and forth .