any 1 ride a wr450 yamaha off road bike?

Im thinking of getting a new one of these what they like and how easy to look after service wise cheers.

Hi Lou

I ride offroad with the Surrey TRF and know someone who has just bought one.I will be seeing him tommorrow so will ask him what he thinks of it so far.

Are you going to be using it mainly offroad? they are rated by alot of people, however if its your first try off road a 250 may suit better,they have all the power you ever need. Also if you are using it mainly for the road they have a high seat height(dont know how tall you are!)this is ok off road as it gives you better groung clearance for ruts and logs etc.Not so good if you are trying to balance at the traffic lights!

Hope this has helped, will keep you updated once i have seen the owner.


i had the wr 450 i thought i was going to use it for enduro and on the road , it turned out that when i went off road it was to heavey ,it’s a lot of bike to pick up when its got a shed load of mud on it . they all so have a lot of power for a first timer you were allways getting into situation like going through fences and stuff because it just gets away from you , if i was to start again knowing what i know now i would go for a wr250 or a proper 125 two stroke crosser and get a road bike . and motocross tracks are to much fun so it never got used for enduro ! every body who comes from road bikes thinks 450 i can handle that even me ,

Try the Yam forum on for advice. As discussed it depends on what you are going to use it for, there are quite a few that are now supermotos but dont see many bog standard ones on the road.