Anti-theft Alarm/Immobiliser & Tracker


I have to park my Hornet out on our front drive as we don’t have a garage. We live in a quiet cul-de-sac and my previous bike - CB500 - was stolen a couple of years ago. The thief drilled out the igniotion to hot wire it, and drilled out a disk lock. When it was recovered I fitted my own designed “secret switch” alarm/immobiliser which worked well.

Since then I now religiously fit both a disk lock and chain the bike up to a convenient lamp post that happens to be next to the driveway.

However… since getting the Hornet, which is a 2001 and was therefore built before they started supplying with the HISS immobiliser, I haven’t had one on the bike, so now I’m considering my options again.

This is what I’ve got in mind to fit - both an alarm immobiliser, and a tracker:

At a total of around £65 plus then the ongoing annual fee for the tracker (about £12 per year) that seems very reasonable to me.



sounds like an excellent idea for that price

Bike trac is more to install but less per month. It’s gps but also rf so if they stick it in a lock up / out of gps signal it can often still be found.

OK, I’ve bought the NCS V2 and the Wireless Tracking gps tracker - they should arrive later in the week ready to fit at the weekend. Let’s see how easy they are to fit and use.

So, today I managed to fit the alarm/immobiliser and the tracker - pretty happy with how it went.  Both seem to be working properly.  I hope they never have to be used for real!