Anti-fog visor insert

best £17.99 ever spent - Infinity Holborn. No more riding with visor open and getting crud in my peepers!!

Getting one of these should be a no brainer. They make a huge difference. If your Visor won’t take a pinlock think about a fog city.

Couldn’t agree more…

Though I have seen the inserts for the XR1000 on a friends lid and it did look to interfere with the line of vision. No such problem on the XR1100 though :smiley:

You do need to care for it though. I got told at Hein Gericke to remove the pinlock insert every so often and leave it out overnight. Apparently it has a ‘capacity’ and doing this allows it to be more effective. Also these things are more sensitive than visors so cleaning them is not the easiest. Run it under a tap, then using the ‘cold’ setting on a hairdryer, blow the water off it…

I scratched mine a couple of times whilst removing it which brings me on to my next point. If you have two visors (say a clear and a dark) buy two inserts… For a long time I was transferring my pinlock insert from one visor to another and the result was it got badly scratched, didn’t work and then the little ‘teeth’ that hold it in place snapped…

The stick on fog city types lose their stickiness after a while. You can get a pinlock kit and put pins in your visor, then its fine and will last for years.

I don’t clean mine or touch it with my hands and I’ve never removed it since the lady at the shop sold me the helmet and stuck the insert in at the same time. She did leave a thumbprint on the inside though!!.

I’ve cleaned it with some decent helmet spray and a soft cloth and it’s been fine. Planning on getting a dark visor this year, don’t know if I’ll bother with another insert though as it’s normally winter I get the fog build up.


I have two visors. One with dark insert and one with clear insert. Job jobbed. Shoei lids rock as they take seconds to swap over.

its a no-brainer get a pin lock best thing i have ever purchased(for a helmet) mines on a shoei it lasted for four years only last month did it give up, it kinda shrunk and wont seal no more i was due a new helmet though so wtf;)