Another van question....sorry

This time its the total opposite to my last van post.

We need to rent a van which will take four bikes (3 600s and a 1000) for a trackday in a few weeks.

any sugestions from someone with experience?

will a lwb transit do it + has it got enough tie down points or will we need something even bigger?

You will get 3 bikes in one of these side by side and if you are careful one more side to side behine them.From my experience each time we have hired one they do not come with tie down points though so you have to be creative :w00t:

Hope this helps… :smiley:

Thanks Jim, that could be just the ticket. tail lift means i wont need a loading ramp either! thanks:)

Thats how we always do it, just be careful with the bike when manouvering it on the tail lift :DIf you need any more tie down tips PM me and ill give you more detail :w00t:

cheerspm sent