Another STOLEN bike !!

Please keep eyes & ears open to help a friend in need…this much loved baby has been stolen here in London.

Make & Model: BSA C15
Year: 1966
Size: 250 cc
Colour: red/white

Registration Number: JLH 818D
Frame No: C15 49646
Engine No: C15 F 2581

The bike was stolen on 14th February 2007 between 9.30am and 1.30pm in London Bridge (motorcycle parking lot near no. 50 Borough High Street). It was locked at the front wheel, so someone must have lifted it onto a van and driven away with it.

The more people that know the more chance there is of some sort of recovery !!

Any news on this please PM me so I can contact the people concerned in this loss.

Thanks !


A BSA.jpg

Eyes and ears duly open!

eyes wide open m8. prob stripped already though.

I know might be silly question but have ye tried the parking cvnts? just wonder if got towed etc? ya know there pricks round there.

my bike got stolen on the 14th as well from the Muswell Hill area. It was my 125

reported it to Tottenham police who were great but I know its never coming back

Sorry to hear that.

Sorry to hear that some scumbag has nicked your bike, i`ll keep a look out and put it on my forum.

Just shows that no bike is safe… An old Beezer gone? Soon to appear in bits on Ebay perhaps?..grrr

( also shows that a front wheel lock is never enough - but what the F can you safely lock it to in a standard bike bay>???)

Hello Taz, Im new to the LB’s, and just wanna say sorry to hear about the bike, there seems to be allot of this sort of thing going on at the moment… a mate of mine recently had his blade stolen as well as his friend who bought my old blade off of me… I live south east of the river… but will certainly keep my eyes open and ear to the ground…

By the way where was that picture taken? was it Hayling? or Knebworth? I drive a Steel 50’s style A roadster, early vette motor, 4 speed, cross plys etc… as well as ride a 1050 Speed Triple… couldnt help notice the 32’ in the background… sorry i know its not bike or topic related… but just had to mention it…

Hope you get the bike back soon…

Hi Magoo,

I’m not sure where the photo was taken as I said it’s a friend who has has the bike stolen and I’m just getting the word out through the forums I use. Sorry I can’t answer ya question…But that is a cracking motor in the B/Ground sin’t it

Also thanks to all who are looking out for us after reading this post.

I truely hope you catch the sh*ts that stole it mate, with keep my eyes peeled. its not the sort of bike you see everyday, so whilst on my circuit I will be lookin!

Hi Taz,

I work up in Borough and used to see that bike all the time parked next to Slug & Lettuce. I’ve seen a couple of posters up but I think they need more.

Tell your friend to head to Joe’s Kitchen in Marshalsea Road and ask them if they can put a poster up in the window, I know the owner so it should be ok… but can’t promise anything.

I really hope your friend finds it - it’s a beautiful bike.

GP x