another reason why I dont ride to work...

from where I sit I look over a bike park, in lloyds avenue…

If I hear a bike coming down the road, sometimes i’ll stand up and see what it is…

…heard one coming down the road this morning - I stood up… and couldnt beleive what I was seeing…

… bloke on the bike that had just pulled up, happily reversed his bike in to a bike that was already parked up… I think it was luck that the bike that was parked up had its back wheel against the curb… other wise it could have gone over…

realising that there was something behind him (he hadnt checked to see where he was reversing was clear) - the rider then just shuffled forward a bit and tried the reverse again…

luckily this time there was nothing in the way…

also seen scooter riders come up to this bay when its full…

…get off their scooters - and then try and shuffle other bikes around… (one time this happened - the scooter being shuffled about by the front wheel was actually on a centre stand - how it didnt go over I dont know…)

cant say if this is any different to any other bike parking bay in…??

the real annoying thing about this is that these are fellow bike riders…

No way would I park in one of the street bays anymore, because of the carry-on you describe, unless I had an old hack specifically for commuting.

Luckily I have a space in the private car-park at work now but previously have used the Corporation car parks (free) at Swan Lane (RIP) and Minories.

had exactley the same problem at college, i would park in bay 2 and come out at lunch to find my bike had been LIFTED out of the bay and on the curb?? it had steering lock and chain round back wheel??

You didn’t tell me that!!

Is it that other tw*t on the DNA??

When you go back, one day you can take the car (if its still alive) and park it across the bay he parks in. I hate it when people do that.

Glad we’ve got 7 bike spaces in the car park at work, but have issues with cyclists chaining their bikes to the brackets of the aircon pipe that is in the middle of them. One individual who wont take any notice got a hot exhuast on his rear tyre the other day as 6 of the 7 were being used when I got to work.

haha too rite!!

i dunno who it was but it must take about 4 people to move it,

Its a very common site in London to see riders trying to shuffle bikes in a parking bay to try and squeeze their one in. And I am not victimising anyone in particular, but, moped riders are the worst from what I have seen. I now don’t have company parking, but use a nice NCP where I have discovered an area where the bike is not touched.

Sorry but I do it all the time, the worst at parking are scooter riders where two or three Scoots will take the space for five or six bikes, when I need to park and this is the case I will move them to create a space.

Don’t get me wrong I do it with great care but why the hell not

The bottom line is there just aren’t enough bike bays in central London since the congestion charge forced non-bikers on to two wheels. They don’t have the same passion about biking as we do, so therefore don’t have the respect that we would show to other bikers and moving bikes about in bays is just one of the things these twats do that get on my wick. I once stopped a guy on a scooter shifting a little cruiser on to the double yellow line so he could squeeze his piece of crap in to the bay.

I used to work as a property surveyor and would have to visit 4 or 5 different parts of central london a day on my bike. It was impossible to find a bay in the middle of the day. It’s so frustrating when you see a bay chockers with bikes then a massive space with a yellow line right next to it. That’s why my cover comes with me everywhere I go now, I just stick it over the bike, and as long as I’m not on yellows it seems to get left alone, whether in a bike bay or not.

Thats bloody cheeky!!

exactly. I wanna know who’s bike it was that went into his space!!!

It may be a bit shameful to get beaten by a gal

Your New Avatar…

I do it to scooters all the time, I wouldnt do it to a proper bike, they park strangely, but I have had my bike moved on many occasions, but the only actual damage that has occured has been from another ‘proper’ bike, blue streetfighter who put his bike so hard on its side stand that his brake lever dented my fairing!! Thanks sooo much…should have followed it up cos I had his reg number and everything, but couldnt be bothered in the end, just wrote him a friendly note…

and this freidnly note consisted of…******* y did u ******** do ********* that ********* if i ******** see u again il******* ur mum and then **********


haha, yeah something along those lines, but possibly a bit stronger…

Someone moved my bike at work on thursday & managed to crack the front mudguard on my blade & its only 3 months old.Not only did they ignore the alarm screaming away but they wheeled it backwards & the disc lock went straight into the muguard. B******s!!

Cant believe people are that selfish and thoughtless…got any CCTV nearby?

Unfortunately not. Had to have been a so called “real biker” though, no scooters around. It is just so moronic.

I think I am going to design a new security device that can be installed onto any bike - be it a scooter or sportsbike!

The device will have a trigger sensor like used in the Datatool alarms and should the alarm be activated instead of a loud noise happening, there will be 6 spray guns located all over the bike that will release either acid or a toxic gas - not too sure yet!

That will keep the buggers away!

And whats-more…I will keep it EXCLUSIVE to LB members only!!