Another Poll - Who does their own servicing?


Am I the only nutjob that services his bike by the side of the road?

For my sins, I live in London and don’t have a garage. I also do 12k+ a year (commute+fun) minimum. I also like to tinker and stick new shiny things on the bike.

Now then, for my 2001 ZX12 resale value really isn’t a factor, so I do as much as I can myself. Anyone else in the same boat?

Let the voting commence!

I let the boys do it at Dobles - I ain’t got a fuggin clue what needs to be done :crazy:


Everything meself, from topping up the oil to fitting tyres (I have a ZX9).

Got the valve clearances to look at soon, but hopefully they should be ok.I spent the last 23 years sorting bikes in back garden / by the road/ whatever, but now have moved to a rented house with a garage, so at least I can do stuff when it’s pissing down.

Also do Jools’s two bikes and most of the stuff on the car.

I do my own servicing now. Not quite on the lawn, but under a covered area, and soon to be purchased bike ramp. :slight_smile:

Allways a full dealer service for me.

A bike ramp? A Google Image search throws this up.

Do all my own stuff except tyres and tune up.

Dirty hands impress me more than scraped sliders;):smiley:

Slowly learning more and more, have rebuilt front calipers now :slight_smile: But only have the side of the road as well…but luckily its a fairly quiet street and not too much traffic.

I’ve always done my own servicing on bikes/car/vans. However my ER-6 has been ‘treated’* to some dealer services to keep the warranty sweet.

Every vehicle I’ve run gets double interval oil changes. DIY work is easy and usually better quality. I keep a detailed list of work done to help resale value.

  • treated = they get it wrong and miss out parts of the service. I won’t ever use a garage unless I can’t avoid it! :wink:

While in warranty I get the dealer service - outside that I do my own. The bike lift helps!

Same here but no bike lift. Have got a heater in the garage though which helps in winter :slight_smile:

I’m with Sincere – Doble’s look after my Fireblade and the magic that makes it ride so beautifully! (And Sturdey’s in Tonbridge for the WeeStrom). Inserting petrol is the limit to my technical ability . . . and sometimes that doesn’t go as planned! :ermm:

I do most basic service stuff myself, but for the first time I am going to take my bike to the dealer for its service hysterical stamp. Seeing as they are not main branch, but Triumph specialists ( it makes sense. All other work I will get done at Amazing Bikes.

if the boss is not in work in do my own in his dynajet certified full equiped workshop :)otherwise i do it in the car park on my estate… thats always fun.

within 20 mins theres 10 kids stipping down there push bikes with my tools!!

Interesting, we have only 1 polled garage owner so far…

I do everything myself with the exception of valve clearances - and anything that requires a bike lift.

Since I work on it in the street, once I take it apart into a 1000 pieces, I often forget a key tool - and have to dash back in the house hoping against hope that no passer-by nicks a vital component! :w00t:

Where is the option for “I have a garage and do most stuff myself”?

That would be the ’ Me in my dynajet certified garage’ option!

Ok, so I am taking the **** with the ‘Dynajet certified’ part, but I am more than a little envious of those who got one. :wink:

I can wield a spanner but to be honest I am often cash rich time poor so let Steve Jordan do the necessary. Plus I have new bikes nowadays so want that dealer history. The only time I’ll get greasy now is at trackdays…

Marks not one to shy away from doing anything on bikes (his and mine…what’s the point having a dog and barking yourself lol), after years and years of it we find it easier to put them in PDQ (wouldn’t trust anyone else on our bikes) and get them done. We just haven’t got the time to work on them…well not for full servicing… The bike lift has always got one bike on it being tinkered with though!

It takes an age to find where stuff is sited on bikes nowadays … I’m used to being able to get to spark plugs, water and oil with ease (shows how long ago I did any of my own stuff) :smiley:

Oh and it’s a bugger getting my hands greasy or breaking my nails :P:D