Another pointless sentence!

This guy clearly lied from beginning to end and only got 14 months. He’ll be out for next Xmas with his kids and the bikers son/daughter will never know him.

I’m not saying this guy did it deliberately but the lying for me means the sentence should have been far harsher!

BBC News - Courier jailed over Linton hit-and-run death

It’s a two year old article but I doubt the figures have improved.

The number of hits-and-runs in London is truly staggering.

I was a hit & run victim
2014 I was knocked off my motorbike by a driver who thought he could overtake on a roundabout & cut across me if it wasn’t for the fact a few seconds after he hit me a police car was on a blue light run that they caught him

nothing came of it CPS decided not to prosecute & I spent 2 years & a day in court fighting my case