Another newbie...

Hi all, finally getting around to using my k3 gsxr750 which has spent far too much time in the garage over the past 3 years. loving the idea of the easter egg run in March & will book the train this week, trying to convince other mates with bikes to come too but its looking unlikely that they’ll join (RAQUIB!!!).

I’m based in Whitstable & work in central london, hoping to come to borough market on wednesday to say “hey”…

Looking forward to meeting you on those Sunday rides!

Errr, ok then, I wont be going on the easter egg run - just seen that its full - bugger…! :o(


you have the same name as me…:D…let me start by saying good on yer for not letting the side down with that Gix…;)…whoop…whoop!!!

never mind the easter egg run…come on the st Georges ride:D…you’ll fking love it!!!
go easy dude and get ur arse to BMM!!!

You sniffing again mate??

Welcome Shane , am only just outside Whitstable myself and just back from a ride with some LBers .

Hello and welcome to LB:cool:


Gixxer power!!! welcome :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

welcome mate

Thanks chaps for your welcome messages!

See you soon…

Shane you finally got on the site! Welcome mate.