...another newbie!!!

Just to say hi to all at LB… Skint by name and (currently) skint by nature!!! Do I count as a London Biker if I don’t have a bike at the mo’??

My name’s Andy and it’s been 12 months since my last wheelie!!! I live in Ilford and work for the NHS. I die twice a day as I’m squeezed into a long thin metal tube commuting into the centre of town.

Last year I was considering a new VFR, but that was last year… Anyhows, am determined to get back on the road ASAP. In a moment of brilliance have realised that 5 Guitars but no bike is a major imbalance… So here I am…

Have 1 acoustic, 1 electro acoustic and a Marshall AVT100 Amp with footswitch. All are excess to requirements so I’m looking to swap all - or some - for a bike. Requirements are pretty basic. 400 - 600 cc, not requiring too much work, basically running and rideable… MOT and Tax not essential as long as it’s part of the way towards getting the MOT…

I’ll be copying and pasting this into the wanted ad’s but for now and in the words of Donny Osmond… ‘someoneone help me, help me pleeeeeeeaaaassseeeeee!!!’

hello and welcome mate

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Did you consider registering on ebay as well? :wink:

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

Ello and welcome :slight_smile:

hello and welcome:D

Hello mate and welcome to LB.

hello mate, welcome. The new viffers look lovely - i sat on one at the excel bike show and was very comfy, im quite tall. Looked awesome in white and single swinger!


Hello Andy, welcome to the site:D

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there and wellycome…:smiley:

Hello and welcome