Another newbie :)

waves hello

Hi I’m new… Anyone else in the Carshalton area??

Nope … but a big welcome to ya anyway !

Get yourself down to the next Borough Market meet.

No but hello and welcome

Not me but hi and welcome aboard.

Waves Back

Hello RC

I’m nowhere near but a newbie too.


Hello rebel chick, welcome to LB! Nice camera!

Come along to our weekly Borough Market meet and say hello!

hey rebchick, i take it saw me link on Gixerjumkies?



Hello Emma


Im in Croydon - just up the road

I did indeed thank you for the link!

Hey cool, hello neighbour!

I’m from Cheam way so close by…

Welcome to LB and enjoy … yay another girlie !

Hello and welcome

Hi! I’m new and a girl yipee! also and I live Hackbridge so not far at all!

hey honey welcome x

no but helloo anyway!!!


welcome to lb.and no

no idea where that is… but welcome aboard!!