Another Newbie!

Hi another VD 'er coming over to check out the site
Bars open by the way
Pic is of my “slightly modded” R30
Shame im not!!



Hi Su-Perv

I just joined too! Your bike looks v nice Mines an ol’sh!tter

Hey guys, welcome to the site! Very nice CCM you have there Su-pervemoto, I like the short tail and gold wheels! LB has a lot of SuperMoto love, so keep an eye out for developments!

Su-pervemoto… Hello and welcome to the site… Nice moto you got there dude!! I am liking that a lot!!!

Nice ccm, it looks like your running goldspeed’s what do you think of them?

Hi Ell

Your bikes right ****e

Welcome in Dude Good to see some more motards over here, looks like a good site.

Was thinking guys we should organise a midnight motard London raid sometime soon seeing as theres a few of us Londoners about

Count me in, even though my DRZ is in enduro-trim. Love that bike, but it makes me do naughty things!

Cool sounds like a plan, maybe meet at the ace and then blast into town

Only problem is I had a fight with a glass door last night and dont think i’ll b doing much riding with the state of my hand! But we will defo do it soon

Best tyres I ever used but I keep going through the rears too quick
Just changed the rear for a BT092 and quite rate it. Not as sticky as the Maxxis but they were costing me too much dough

Hey El,

How you doing mate?

The bike looks sweet and we will hopefully see it in Gengy’s mag soon. I can’t make the Ace tonight but I would defo be up for a london raid would be a laugh!

Oh yeah I should be able to knick mofos SMC from him cause he can’t ride it with his hand like it is I may become motard for a week or so lol