Another newbie saying hello!

Saw Silver’s post on the BCF (newbie there, too) so thought I’d check this place out, as I live in London.

I’m only a scooterist, but hey, some of us have to keep Piaggio in business! As much as I’d like to have something big and powerful throbbing between my legs, I just can’t justify a big bike, as I ride exclusively within the 30mph zone.

Hello and welcome! Don’t worry, a bike is a bike at the end of the day… !



Hey as long as it has 2 wheels and a motor its cool

Hey there! Welcome to LB! Bikers of all types are welcome here, and as you might be aware, we have a scooter section that we’re building. Enjoy…

Hey! Welcome to the forum… You’ll enjoy it here, everyone is great to talk to!


Welcome to the site like is been said a bike a bike and the main thing is to have fun

Me a newbie too. Welcome.

Hey Bandito, welcome aboard too

Hello Paivi… Welcome to LB… We don’t care here what you ride… If it’s got two wheels… Enjoy!!!

Hello and welcome. Welcome aboard.

Thanks guys! I don’t really have a complex about my scoot, but unfortunately some people do. I have a full licence, but a scoot is more convenient for me, hence that’s what I ride. I can see the attraction of a big bike though; on the BCF, there have been a couple of threads with people doing European tours, and I’d love to do that, but I don’t think my Vespa (Granturismo 125cc) would survive going over the Alps!

Yea im sure it would take some time for a 125 to be journeying that far, lol. Whats your display name on BCF?


Hey welcome,

Doesn’t matter what you ride we are all like family here!

Very imaginatively, Paivi there too! It’s my first name, and I couldn’t be bothered to think of something witty!

o rite, can’t say Ive seen much of your posts there but hope you have fun here!


Welcome to the forum. 2 wheels are better than none!

Welcome and start joining in! There seems little discimination around this forum (yellow zx6r’s being an acception Terry ) so worry not about lack of ccs.

As the others have said, two wheels is better than 4 or none.

And we’ll have you converted soon enough…