Another Newbie here, stunned by the sunny bank holiday.

Don’t normally do these forum things, but whoever put that postcard on the 'ped at the Cannonball launch was in luck.

Just had a day out from Ealing to Brighton via Box Hill and the A29 and quite enjoyed it. But as a Northern lad I am still frustrated by the amount of traffic and 30mph zones. Even after 3 yrs of the big smoke. Doh!

I’ll stick some pics up on the gallery of my lovely 7 shortly and look forward to meeting some of you at the Ace or similar sometime soon.

Err, sorry dudes, thought a previous post mentioned a gallery. But I can’t find it .

Never mind.

Here’s a couple.


Alright mate, welcome to the forum. Nice ZX-7R you got there! Will watch out for you at the Ace if your there next time…


Cheers Hennessey.

For zorsts try they did my Akro system and they’ve got a dyno if you’ve got the time and money.

Damn thats a nice ZX7R, welcome to the forum

Cheers mate, will check out their webby then…


Hey Andrew, welcome to the site! It was most likely Foxy who posted a flyer on your ped, hehehe, we invite all types of bikers, not just sports riders! The ZX7 looks REALLY good, I love the colour! Sudden Impact do good work, I had a pair of wheels polished and painted a couple of years back as well, I was very happy with it. I wonder if this will give Matt any ideas for his ZX7, hehe.

The site’s not just about the forums, it’s growing all the time, and soon we’ll be opening up personal galleries for people to keep their photos in. Enjoy…

Aww shucks gang, I feel all warm and cosy from such a nice welcome.

Tell me tho… is it possible to overdo these funny faces?

I hope to join in on some of the lively debates and have some ride outs. I have no real life and no mates, so plenty of time to spend on line and chain lubing.

I refuse however, to disclose my habits vis-a-vis visor wearing as I don’t know you all that well yet. :wink:

Welcome mate, very nice looking 7R - I’m very jealous!

Ta mate, if you see me say hello. As a member of the ‘K’ gang I might let you rub her smooth shiny flanks.

Not an offer available to Honda and Suzy owners, you mottley lot will have to find your own smooth flanks to rub.



Hello mate,

Welcome. Sweet bike The ZX7R is one of my all time favaorites and I think it’s got one of the nicest looking front ends. I am down the ace a lot mate and always stand out (yellow ZX6) I am tall fat begger with glasses so easy to spot too :0)

sweet 7 mate… very clean.

Thanks! Will do - I’ll be very gentle with her

what about Yamaha owners?? Although we Yamaha owners don’t converse with people who wana touch other owners ‘flanks’, its just not right…


Yam owners!! I knew I’d missed someone. And from a former Fazer owner as well!! Unforgivable.

But no. K club members only. And I’ll be checking the flank rubbing doesn’t get ‘out of hand’.

Cheeky for a newbie aren’t I.

You Yam owners have the R1, the prettiest and most desirable (IMHO) sportsbike around. That’s until the inevitable yellow Rossi rep from Leguna Seca. Anyone seen the Edwards lid yet??

Suzy owners have, of course, the mighty GXSR range and perhaps best paint scheme EVER to grace a bike that has lasted the generations.

Honda owners should be drooling over the RRs, all GP lookin and sooo sexy underseat pipe.

So your all catered for.

Oh yes, Ducati owners, well, you got a Ducati so need no other idols. Except perhaps one that doesn’t break down

Aprilia owners, I hate you all 'cause I want one soooo bad but not rich/brave enough.

Think that’s everybody??

What about the Triumph and BMW owners?

Ok ok enough on this thread.

I had a BM before the K and in my experience they have a whole other book of rituals they go through.

And trumpets - well I’ll find out 'cause my baby bro, who is having his first big bike lesson on Saturday, has got the hots for a year old yellow Daytona 650 with union jack.

My final words on the subject. Wish I’d kept my flank rubbing to myself now.

andrew&7… I’m kinda liking your Kwaky mate… I’m more than likely responsible for the flyer… and am not sorry!!! Welcome to L/B dude!!!

Thanks !!

Like the story of 'Blade getting put back together. Gonna leave the war wounds visible? I would.

Could be a kinda Frankenstein look going on