Another newbie from West London

Hi Everyone

Another newbie from West London, passed my test in October last year and just bought my bike (CBF600) last weekend so hoping to go out on some rides now that the weather is warmer :slight_smile: (Tomorrow for a start!)
Still a bit nervous on the roads but hoping that practice makes perfect!

Hello and welcome to LB! Whereabouts in West London?

Hello & welcome to the madhouse!

Nice bike. You’ll be a pro in no time :smiley:

Welcome! Loads of us in West London here


I think your right…we need some more east people on here

Hello and welcome … I’m from West London as well … Maybe I’ll see you at Ace sometime …

Welcome, we are a bit exclusive in the east :slight_smile:

Hello welcome
West too

Hello- I’m West as well- W3.

Thanks for the warm welcome!I’m in W6 :slight_smile:

Went out to Claygate/Esher way yesterday which was great and then on the way home at Chiswick roundabout, a car crashed into me from behind and I fell off my bike :frowning:
Luckily got away with only bad bruising but bike needs to be fixed but other party has admitted full liability…phew!

Shame I was going down to Guildford to see a friend on Easter Sunday…boooo

Hi, a bit of a late welcome!

Sorry to hear about the accident, that roundabout can be a nightmare, I always encounter at least one a***hole there.

Glad you’re ok and that the other party have accepted liability.

Hey there! Welcome!

Glad you’re ok and they’ve admitted straight away!

Think I need to move west! :ermm: Not enough people in my patch

Thank god you’re ok. Hope you manage to get your bike fixed. Chiswick roundabout is a nightmare, I use it often and pretty much every time I’m there I watch someone jump the red light. Lethal.


Thanks guys!!

Thinking of going to the Newbie night at the Ace cafe and trying out some rides (the easier ones) possibly once I get my bike back and am less bruised :slight_smile: