Another newbie - from Redhill

Hi guys,

Thought I would say hi. I’m Steve, I live in Redhill and I’ve got a Fazer 600 S2. I just spent 2 weeks touring Europe and now I’m back getting as much sunny weather riding in as I can!!

I’ll try and make a newbie night @ the Ace Cafe.

Thanks and I hope to find some other Fazer riders on here so we can swap tips on gear and bike setup.


Hello and Welcome :smiley:

What up Steve!

We meet every Wednesday at Borough Market if you’re about.

Welcome to Londonbikers :smiley:

Welcome aboard. I know Redhill well; being a Croydon person I regularly ride through there en route to bimbling around in the countryside on my Bandit. Had a scary experience there once - tried flying a helicopter at the aerodrome and the instructor, a friend of a friend, let me have a go at hovering and I nearly crashed it! Lucky he had good reactions. Doing that is very, very much harder than riding a motorcycle. And a little bit more dangerous :hehe:

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Europe. Which countries did you visit?

Welcome Steve,

My other half has got a Fazer S2, a white one.

I like the cafe at the Redhill Aerodrome its always worth a visit, you can sit outside and watch the planes and copters, very civilised :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to lb :smiley:

Im Bonkies missis, also a Newbie!! Also live in Redhill & also have an S2.


Hi & welcome to the site :smiley:

Welcome to LB occasion14

Hi & welcome to LB:)