Another new toy

Seems lots of people are picking up new bikes recently so I went and did the same, this got delivered yesterday.



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nice! shame about the half front wheel

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Seriously… Your humour is getting worse!!!

Is this what dad life does to someone and what I have to look forward to?

Nice bike Trombo, very jealous

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You have to pay extra for that I’ll have you know! :rofl:

This is the full pic


@Serrisan Nope my humour was the same pre kids.
I now have an excuse! :rofl:

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Nice bike @Tromboman! What have you got planned for her?

Main plan is many many many miles, hopefully in Europe as soon as allowed

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The bike cannot be up to much if they stole the house instead.

Not sure I follow?

That’s nice.
Enjoy your travels.

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Tiger 1200. Nice.