Another Kiwi in London!

Hey guys,

My name is Jordy, moved here in October for the RWC and absolutely loving London. Currently living in Whitechapel - on a working visa for 2 years here and have the opportunity to take a sponsorship if I’d like to stay longer which is nice.  

Bikes are a huge passion of mine, would love to head to the isle of man TT and catch some MotoGP races as well. 

Currently saving for a bike to purchase in April - looking at a 2011 CBR600RR. I previously had the '06 version and that was a dream to ride. I’ve noticed there’s a bit of a thing with bike theft over here which is a shame but won’t put me off getting my love! My absolute dream bike is a 2014 Yamaha R1, that thing has so much character and would love to own it here one day.

A bucket list thing for me to do here is a ride from here to France and make my way to Italy and hit Stelvio Pass. That road looks absolutely stunning and always been a dream to hit that road. 

Hope to make a few friends and get amongst the community here, I’ve seen ACE Cafe is a great spot so will check that out sometime soon. 

Stay safe! 

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to LB.

Welcome to to madhouse…

Thanks guys! 

Would any of you have good insurance companies to recommend? 

I’m wondering given my age ( 25 ) and having no motorcycle riding experience within the UK will affect premiums here? Or, will they consider my experience from NZ ( 9 years ) ? I’m going to call a couple of places later this afternoon. 


Insurance best use comparison websites like, compare the market, go compare etc they check most of the big name insurance companies.

Welcome to LB

Welcome, come down to Borough Market tomorrow evening and say hi, you should be within walking distance 😀

Yeah sure man! Thanks @ILikeTurtles - do you guys have a stand there or just meeting up? What’s the plan for this one? 

Yeah sure man! Thanks @ILikeTurtles - do you guys have a stand there or just meeting up? What's the plan for this one?  JAX

Wednesday’s are normally just a hangout, though sometimes move onto other places, mainly for food and more tea :) but on warmer days there have been fish’n’chip runs to the coast via some lanes.

@nviag I would absolutely love this when I have my bike. I’ll make a point of showing my face tomorrow night. Where do you meet and what time? 

@JAX’19.9%22N+0%C2%B005’28.7%22W/@51.5055423,-0.0935067,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 - usually someone there from maybe 5:30-6pm onwards - in winter it’s usually a bit quieter and people will usually move on after about 8-ish.

@ILikeTurtles, Thanks man - see you guys tomorrow! 

Welcome fella!

Sorry to say it but I think you may find premiums rather high, esp for sports bikes. Are you still on your kiwi license? My first bike was third party fire and theft and was still around 600.

Some companies will at least recognise your riding experience even if you won’t get any no claims discount. Others don’t even take it into consideration. Make sure you ask rather than risk a non payment on a claim!

Hey ShaunC - I called a few today and the say they can’t insure me due to my location - I live in E1 and don’t have a secure car park so the bike would be chained and covered on the road… They did take into consideration my previous 9 years of riding but couldn’t give me insurance. Still on my kiwi license but I will swap that over in April as I’ve got to be here for 6 months before I can do that. Would you have any other suggestions? 

Howdy JAX and welcome.

Ah, you can insure for anything - it just depends how much you are willing to pay for it…!

Welcome to LB :)

Like The Sleeper says, I would try a comparison website like Or try giving Bennetts and Carole Nash a call.