Another Happy Boy

Rescued her from Ireland where , in some counties , they are on the " Dangerous " dogs list so , if somebody moves within Eire they cannot keep them !!

What a load of ****** :angry:

She’s only a year old and is such a beautiful girly - soooooooooo excited !!!



good on ya mate, I love my GSD they are so very loyal;)

man I love German Sheppards…I want to get another one but the missus will not let me

She will be our second one to date and will make a beautiful playmate for my Black Lab - Harvey



Lovely pic - well done mate… :slight_smile:

She looks lovely :slight_smile:

oh beautifull!!

i loved my GS, best dogs in the world…he was huge!! i miss him so…RIP BOND

and good on ya milleman…she has found a good home:)

happy days

German shepherds are awsome dogs. Ive had them ever since i was born, people have such a wroong opinion of them. Just because they are used as attack dogs people think they are vicious. They are very clever dogs which is actualy one of the reasons they are used for attack dogs. My one at home couldnt be any softer, he even sleeps with the cat.

Im going to be working with them at the other end of the scale soon aswell.

Gorgeous dog mate - looks like she’s coming to a good home. :slight_smile: