Another forum newbie

Howdy Folks,

New to the forum, and not generally one for bike meetups, but there you have it… :slight_smile: Been riding for about 4 years now, started on a Honda Hawk (aka Honda Bros), then a Ducati Monster, now a Triumph Daytona 675. Love riding generally, but I do find myself interested in doing more and more trackdays…

Anyway, wondered if anyone had recommendations for renting a garage (hopeful, I know) in Camberwell. Will be moving there soon, and need a home for my baby :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tom

hi, welcome :smiley: daytona 675 r sexy :w00t:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. Dont know anything about garage rental, sorry.

Try and come to a meetup if you can. It’s nice to put a face to a screen name.


Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB TOM maybe seeing you at BM one night :satisfied::satisfied:

Hey I live near Camberwell - if you find a garage and fancy sharing the cost with a fellow biker send me a PM!!