Another Flats coastal ride??? October 8th

Ok the is season drawing to a close and its getting dark earlier so sunday 0ctober the 8th i ask you the members of LB who have become my friends and made this a really good year to take one more ride to the seaside, ok it may be chilly and you might need a fleece over your jacket or the neck scaff but lets spend the day at the seaside where we can let loose with the tom foolery, so my destination is Porstmouth with a scenic ride down through the south downs, once there the arcades and funfair antics will commence but after that a ride up into the hills just off the coast where theres a very nice pub for a lunch over looking the whole of portsmouth and the harbour and is a commen place hang out for bikes.

This is no france or BCW weekend but a chance to get together for a laugh and a joke and see people that we may not see for a few months once winter comes so please get your bike out dont moan and just add your name. PM me any questions i should just add this is open to all you dont actually have to have met me to come so get ya names down and lets have a giggle!!

ride down will be safe and cornerman system will be implimented due to saftey concerns on previous rides, but will require use of the A3 up to the devils punch bowl thanks















adam m









adam h





I am sooo up for that! sounds great!!! i dont mind donning the all weather gear and winter clobber!! will we be meeting at ace also?

I haven’t met you yet fella but i’d love to come on your rideout.

You wanna head up another meet its up to you just be at boxhill for 9am fella

ok gang, if anyone wants to meet at the ace before we head off to boxhill please list your name, for those that wanna meet at ace and those for boxhill.




thats a shame i wanted to come on one of your rides but ive already booked tickets for BSB at brands

Yeah i did say that but, i cant please all and the logistics of getting everyone there is a pain in the arse and i have mentioned margate and clacton i get looks of dissmay so although most of the south coast is done i know portsmouth ain too bad and its ablinding little pub on the hill, im also aware it wont be everyones cup of tea and i just seen the BSB is on too so i may end up canceling it ill just see what the response is!!!

Weaver you can always arrange summin yourself its not totally up to me, you did a good enough job for ali’s ride…

can i come from the ace please?

flats its no good to me mate im booked with quite a few others to go BSB that sunday id be on it otherwise

come on gang!!! lets have a bit more response if we can, this will probably be the last chance we actually get to all have a ride out this year!!!

Clashes with the Hornet day at the Ace

hey flatout,

having been deprived of my stead for months yes please count me in …

sounds like a good day

put me down as a maybe si, as i was thinking about going to the bsb so will let you know

Same here unfortunately. I wish I could be on your ride.

So busy and study time for me at the moment.

could we not incorporate this as a ride to the bsb?

or is that a stupid question

Danno er probably not i got limited funds at the mo too much going on. To be honest i didnt read the forum wasnt aware the bsb was on i will give this a few days see the response i may just crush the idea, i have more people saying they aint comin than are, but i still cant see the bit i typed that says please tell me if you cant come and where your going instead???

sorry flatout ment to add Ace for me but open to change if needed, let us know final arrangements…

I cant make that day but you guys have fun!!!

Flats… peeps are giving reasons as to why they cant make your ride, not trying to change your venue (well I am not anyway, as would be pointless, am 10 mins away from brands).

On another note, brands is £20 if ordered in advance.

Damn decisions decisions Si, was looking at BSB and then you go post this up…missed your Hastings ride and don’t want to miss this. I’ll miss Brands - I can record it - so count me in for Box Hill. Although if you did change it till later in the month pal you might have more takers - I know of one!!