Annual ACF-50 topic

I’d like to get my bike ACF-50 treated by allyearbiker ( before winter. I can’t host an event because I don’t have a drive or outside water or leccy.

Is anybody considering hosting an even? I don’t mind helping to organise if somebody can provide the space the work.

what i did for the moclean event is use the corner just before Ace Cafe. worked without a prob and you had somewhere to have a cuppa while you waited

ps just treeated my bike with ACF myself

I never go to the Ace (wrong side of town and I usually rather ride my bike that stare at it ;)), but that’s a good idea, thanks. How hard was it to get the Ace to agree? Did they want any money or anything and who did you speak to?

I was a bit worried I was going to start the anual “you can do it yourself” topic at the same time. I know you “can”, but from what I’ve seen/heard of people who’ve had the “all-year-biker” treatment, no, you can’t do it like that, and £60 really isn’t that much considering it includes a full valet.

didnt tell them :wink: as we were outside the Ace property where the white van is

Ah. I see.

Problem is, we need water and electricity.

:pinch: right… mo had all that in his van.

they have a place up in Chesham that does it. just book and turn up, no hosting needed

I’m definitely up for doing this - there was an AllYearBiker event at the end of 2008 somewhere near Enfield (if I remember correctly).

It was great value - a full valet plus the treatment. Maybe we should try to sort out a South London venue if anyone has any suggestions?

I’m also very interested in this, last winter destroyed my bike :frowning:

Unfortunately I don’t have outside water or electricity, so am going to be of no help on the venue front.

I too am very interested in this, especially if it happens in the Croydon area (or anywhere in S London).

One winter and a shed load of salt too last for my bike, but if spoken to nicely, I’d have thought a lot of cafes and pubs would loan their car parks for such an event.

Think of the business a load of waiting bikers would generate for them.

I just washed my bike then used the ACF Spray, used a whole can and I had no problems on the bike, just scrub it with some hard brushes etc. I used the bike every day non stop last winter. Beats paying £60.

It’s like paying someone £30 to take your rubbish out just because they can do it nicely.

If I had **** loads of money I would pay for mundane tasks, and if I had that much money I wouldn’t use my precious bike in winter:)

I’m most likely going to put my CBR600RR in a garage for winter. It’s 6 months old. Do I need to do the AFC treatement or I just leave it. It’s not been out in salt and hardly ever in rain. In fact it’s hardly been out at all except to polish a few times.

Me too

doubt it… as it already dry and will be in a dry place. just cover it up

I could be up for hosting this. Just don’t want a load of dirty bikers around my house

Maybe so - but I still want someone to do it for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing this, but as I stated above, I’m not interested in people’s opinion as we have this discussion every year and it’s pointless. I made up my mind and it’s worth it for me.

I’ll find out what numbers we need etc.

If theres a spot people could meet up and give eachother a hand doing this and share the cost of the products that would be a good way to do it on the cheap.

Would need to be on concrete and not on tarmac though as the degreasers would eat that.

Good series of guides here

All we need is a pub with a big car park.

How about that place in Westerham - The Grasshopper ( If people are interested, I’ll give them a call and see if I can sort something out.

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