Annoying c*ck up

This morning I gave the bike it’s normal clean and quick lube of any exposed bit. Upon opening the filler cap (which needs abit of lube or it can stick) the sh** hit the fan. The hidden area under the cap was full of water, which promptly poured itself into the tank! :crying:

After emptying the tank and removing it turned out to be a kinked drain pipe! Atleast it didn’t happen away from home/tools.

I also removed the air filter to be greated with alot of muck and grit. Obviously my incompetent dealer hadn’t cleaned it at service 3k ago! I shall be having words, they’re total idiots.

After all that winging I think the moral is keep an eye on the drain and don’t let a garage service a bike!

eer, 3k from your last service and you think your airfilter should be clean??

I clean mine every 200 miles.

Note the same dealer charged me for a service but afterwards I complained they couldn’t have done it properly, (spark plugs etc), as the fuel tank had never been removed (all bolt heads still brand new looking). They admitted it and did the plugs, looks like they also ignored the air filter. I know what a filter should look like after just 3k usage. The also cleaned out a spider/web from the speedo under warranty but did it with a lint cloth, leaving lots of cloth remains inside the unit! Yes, the bike was delivered new with a spider in it! :smiley:

Well, a spider makes a change from Ducati and Aprilia’s standard of including a small rain cloud inside the instruments.

I don’t trust most dealers on servicing - I’m sure they charge a lot of people for checking stuff like valve clearances without bothering to actually do it, and they often bugger up simple stuff like plug changes by overtightening/stripping threads. If you have the time and the inclination i’d advise anyone to learn to service their own bike - and track down a skilled and trustworthy mechanic/shop to do the skilled stuff like re-shimming valve clearances etc.

It’s unfair to slag off all bike shops - there are good shops out there that take pride in what they do - it’s worth taking time to track one down.

I agree entirely, this bike is the first machine I’ve ever put in for a service. Only did it to retain the warranty. It won’t be seeing a garage again. Fortunately I’m happy to perform services and engine work :slight_smile: