Announcing the 2007 LB Christmas Party & Awards!

We’re announcing this years Christmas Party and Awards ceremony. The venue is the plush Brook Green Hotelin Hammersmith, easily accessible by public transport (i.e., don’t ride/drive!) and everyone is invited! It’s a really, really nice venue and we’re all hyped up for this. It’s the third year we’ve done this and it’s going from strength to strength. This year we’ve really pulled the stops out and will have a brill night!Friday 21st DecemberHammersmith per previous years, we’ll be doing an Awards ceremony so we can celebrate our individual brilliance and stupidity. It’s all a top laugh and we’re sure to have a great time with a fab location, fab food, fab music and all the rest of it. Tickets are £15 each, you can book through the page above, we encourage you to bring a friend/loved-one. There will be a buffet of great food (meat + veggie, and we’ve never run out before) and you can all dress up, or down, depending on your preference :slight_smile:If you don’t normally come along to LB events and just post up within the forums then this is your perfect opportunity to put names to faces and show you’re a real person/biker! Don’t miss this!Book now, there’s limited tickets available. We’ll post up when stocks are getting low. We can accomodate a good number in the main area and virtually any number upstairs as an over-flow.As this is a hotel, there’s rooms available if you’re far from home. £60 for bed and breakfast for a double/twin room or £50 for a single. Go halves with someone else and that’s not bad at all.London Air Ambulance Mystery AuctionsAs ever, we will be holding a charity event for our official charity, the London Air Ambulance. Previously we’ve done a raffle, but this time we’ll be running a mystery auction, which means our lovely charity sponsors have donated a load of very cool things, which will be wrapped up and not known to the bidders. Bidders will bid on a box, bearing in mind it’s for charity, and then lucky people will get some very cool items!Fancy turning up at the party with a nice wad of cash and not having a clue what you’re going to bid for?? Oh the suspense! Well that’s what’s going to happen… We’ve been working really hard getting donations in aid of the marvelous cause, and OH BOY, have we got some amazing prizes for you to bid on. We’ve got helmets, jackets, trackdays and all sort of other things as auction items. More things are coming all the time. Time to dig-deep!Charity Sponsors (more to come) for this are:

Our wonderful charity sponsors listed above have donated the following items so that we can raise as much money as possible for the London air Ambulance. More to come as we confirm donations. Total auction item value is currently a few thousand pounds:
Arai - Full Kit Bag, jumpers
Infinity Motorcycles - £100 Voucher
Alpinestars - Clothing
Bering - Womens Trousers
Duke Video - IOM TT DVD
MSV - Trackday
Taboo Motorsport - BSB Hospitality
MCN - London MC Show Tickets
Dainese - Jacket
Scooter World - Helmet
Datatool - Snitcher System
Riverside Motorcycles - Arlen Ness Jacket
K&N - Air Filter
Keith Martin Photography - Signed James Toseland Framed Picture
Powerbronze - Motorcycle Screen
Ampro-Tools - Tools
Buff - Buff Stuff
Specialised Bike Covers: Bike Cover
Californian Superbike School - Keith Code Books
M9 Performance - Wheel & Frame Polish n Paint
Bandit Bird - Family/Couple Portrait Photography
Wasp - £100 Leather Repair Voucher
BNRS - Full suspension setup service
Mundo de Motos - K&N Air Filter
Focused Events - 2008 Silverstone GP TrackdayI can’t wait. Are you coming?

Looking good :cool:

Great venue :slight_smile:

Bring it on :smiley:

Looks good to me, but we might be going to Spain fro Christmas so i don`t know if i can come yet.

Woooooooo a party ! :smiley: I have a severe alergic reaction to tubes and busses, is there any parking locally anybody knows of ?

Think it’s in the link :unsure: but drink overcomes my allergy :smiley:

im coming, im coming, and i may even bring my boyfriend!:w00t:

Oh yeah ! Doh ! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t drink so driving or riding isn’t a problem :wink:

I’m good for two tix! :smiley:

What are the award titles this year and how do we nominate folks for em? :wink:

TBA, Keti!

Yslart, yes, behind the hotel there’s room. Come on though, once a year won’t hurt you to use the tube. It’s really not THAT bad :slight_smile:

I m coming but can I add a couple of requests…I would like the DJ to play at least two watzes, or a waltz and a cha cha cha…

i missed last years award by a hair!!!

better have a few more off’s before now and christmas…!!!:w00t:

only joking peeps…sounds and looks great jay…

nice one


Our tickets are booked:w00t:

Suggest you bring your own CD for that, old bean, then you can show off to your heart’s content! Bringing the lovely but elusive lady?

wont be able to make it cause im in Greece

That was badly planned! I’m going home the next day (prolly with a sore head…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good… I remember the first one! Oh how we laughed!

Will check my shifts and work it out if I can.

Alas I will be in Chester with the in-laws at that point. Shame because even Mrs Kill was interested.

I’m good for two ticks please.

Looking forward to this one:cool:

Yes please!!! x2


am i in the running for most offs in a year i`ve had five so far lol :smiley: