Angry French Bikers

fantastic u have got to love those frenchies.what a well planned protest i love it that they done the trains as well.:smiley:

that is truley brillante!!! Im very impressed!!!

Superb effort by the French! My god, how short-sighted can their government be! I thought ours was bad??!?!

It is not a French issue either, it applies to all of us who ride abroad, and besides, if one country gets stupid laws like this, it could become contagious and spread elsewhere; BAD!

was a stupid idea to ban filtering… good luck to em

Is it just that the French are instinctively better at protests or are they just better organised?

No matter how much organisational effort was put in in England, I think it pretty unlikely that we could replicate that.

We seem to work at our best when it’s gently anarchic, The May Day Run for instance, or when things are organised at club/local level, such as Wootten Basset, and the only overall organising needed is the date/time.

And that’s just the bikes bit. Could we ever mess up the tube as well?

(True we have TfL to do that for us every weekend.)

I think a lot has to do with the fundamental diufference between the UK and French constitutions. In the UK we are Subjects, and the state has absolute power over us, in France the state exists to serve the Citizens. If we acted like that the law would come down on us like a ton of bricks, in France, the state can’t easily be as heavy handed against people who are simply standing up for their rights.

it’s just one of the things french bikers are unhappy with, the other main one is the governments plans to implement MOT testing for motorcycles ever two years where there is currently no MOT for motorcycles at all, they (the motorcyclists) are saying that it is just a ploy by the governement to get more money out of them.

But from our point of view, i.e. the english motorcyclists, we have to have our bikes certified to be safe to be on the road, yet french bikes can come over and ride around quite happily with no garantee of the safety of their bikes. I know quite a few french bikers as I lived and learnt to ride over there, and was wondering how you all feel about this

Go Frenchie!
Dare we learn from their example? :slight_smile:

No filterng, seriously?!