Andrew thinks this lot are mad.........

Personally, I can’t wait for another go…

Damn, how good does that look!!! I’d love to have a go!!

He didn’t see the blond!!!

Those pillions are bloody agile, are they rubber dummies?

You calling me a rubber dummy?

Just kidding. Had a go at Croix and loved it. Its extremely hard work, you need a lot of upper body strength and stamina, not to mention a butt plug!

Erm, you must be very fit and agile!! Is that better??

Rubber, maybe? Just a little bit?

A butt plug???

Yep, its scary stuff, I can vouch for that.

Hes right …they are mad…as hatters…

what a superb Rock Sound Track Though !!!

where i grew up in wales there was a guy who have one of those road legal on a Q plate…

he used to ride it round town and go shopping in it… nutter…

I’ve had a go and loved it



Mad as a bag of cut snakes, but certainly wouldn’t refuse myself - how do you get to do it?

Would love to have a go just once, it’s got to be a mad rush sitting on that little tray