andrew&7, johhnybravo,Toby-1 and other LB memebers may loose their jobs

as new photo & video talent appears on the market!!

watch out guys!! :w00t:


Very good Fou :wink:

I would laugh if this wasn’t so sickeningly bloody accurate.
Its a BBC2 production…
The BBC are filling TV hours with monkey TV.
Did anyone genuinely think they were going to get anything other than, licking, walking around, and arse picking.
Honestly, the commissioning meeting involved some slef-absorbed prat called Hugh or Fergus who lives in Hampstead or Primrose Hill going,

“Monkey Docs. You’ve heard about the million chimps where one wrote a Shakespeare right… well let’s do the TV version” and BINGO

MORE UNWATCHABLE SHITE that the BBC doesn’t have to pay for… why?

Really… I’m deadly serious…why? If anyone can explain why this was made, for what god given purpose… anything… any reason at all… why not put a camera in a floating box and throw it in a river and see what happens… or in a room full of sugar over-dosing ADHD toddlers?

Its not TV, its the TV equivalent of watching paint dry… or Big Brother.

It really is almost worth getting out my Green Ballpoint Pen again…

Anyway, I couldn’t really care less to be honest, I just had 5 minutes to write whatever nonsense came into my head before going, buying a gun and hunting Hugh and Fergus down to kill them in a brutally vicious, unpleasant and blood curdling way… night all. :slight_smile: