And you think YOU have had a bad day....,2933,353665,00.htmlCan you imagine the **** taking this poor guy is going to have to take?! He’ll NEVER live this down…I wonder if they will take his wings for this little fiasco…have him flying a desk for the rest of his career?

Forgetting to put his landing gear down sounds extremely unlikely, especially on a 2 seat aircraft.

All aircraft have a warning system, either when you reach a certain height, a certain speed, flap position or a combination of all of these, you will get indications long before you touch down (audible and visual).

The typhoon has also had undercarriage problems before, see the following pictures on the link:

And of course, British pilots don’t make mistakes like that. What what old bean.

it’s okay he can go to work for BAA now:P

Yeah as a baggage handler!