And that's why I love you guys


Yesterday evening I returned to my bike in the London Wall car park to find a screw sticking out of the back tyre.

While I was repairing it 3 different bikers came up to me to ask if I wanted any help.

And that’s why I love you guys.


No i specifically heard them say …Hey mate Can i plug your hole …It’s different to offering to repair the puncture


:joy: it must be the leather trousers


Same has happened to me. I was hearing a knocking noise on my bike last summer - pulled over to investigate and within 10 minutes another biker pulled over to give me a hand.

And this is London… the most antisocial city


Had mine cut out of me whilst riding up the M1 (battery issues) whilst in the fast lane - managed to make it over to the hard shoulder without any issues.
Police car cruised by a few minutes later, but didn’t stop.
5 minutes after that a biker pulled over to check everything was OK - was actually someone working for DVLA.


I’ve always at least pulled over seen of they’re ok